Fostered by a century-long history and tradition, Aichi Tokei Denki is further advancing as an R & D-oriented enterprise. Its unique technology always being ahead of the times.

Company Name Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.
Location Head Office: 1-2-70 Chitose, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 456-8691, Japan
Foundation July 1898
Incorporation June 1949
Capital 3.218 billion Japanese yen
Number of employees
(consolidated basis)
Consolidated Subsidiaries Aisei Tec Co., Ltd. (Imabari, Japan)
Aichi Konpou Unyu Co., Ltd. (Nagoya, Japan)
Dalian Aichi Tokei Technology Co., Ltd. (Dalian, China)
Aichi Kisosaki Seikou Co., Ltd. (Mie, Japan)
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Hai Phong, Vietnam)
Line of business Water meters and related equipments, Gas meters and related equipments, Private-demand flowsensors and systems including housing and building equipments & systems, Instrumentations , Precision machining (Dies and other parts)
Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile
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Corporate Profile
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July 1898 AICHI TOKEI MFG. CO., LTD founded as a manufacturer of various clocks.
July 1912 Renamed the company name to Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.
June 1920 Began manufacturing aircraft ( - 1945)
December 1927 Began manufacturing water meters
April 1950 Began manufacturing gas meters
October 1961 Began manufacturing machining tools
April 1966 Established Okazaki Plant and relocated the gas meter manufacturing department for expansion.
December 1968 Established Hokkaido Plant
December 1969 Established Sendai Plant
June 1983 Began manufacturing electromagnetic flow meters
December 1983 Launched intelligent gas meters
May 1989 Began manufacturing turbine industrial gas meters
May 1992 Began manufacturing the world's first electromagnetic water meters (Model SU series).
April 1993 Founded AISEI TEC CO., LTD.
December 1994 Qualified to ISO 9001 standard
April 1995 Established Kyushu Plant
September 1995 Appointed as a designated manufacturing business operator for hot water meters
December 1995 Appointed as a designated manufacturing business operator for calorie meters
August 1996 Appointed as a designated manufacturing business operator for gas meters
August 1997 Appointed as a designated manufacturing business operator for water meters
July 1998 Cerebrated 100th anniversary of the foundation
Junuary 2003 Okazaki Plant qualified to ISO 14001 standards
October 2006 Began manufacturing ultrasonic gas meters
April 2007 Established Imabari Plant
April 2007 Began manufacturing medical electromagnetic flow sensors
November 2007 Enlargement of ISO 14001 correspondence to the head office and the head plant
November 2008 Began manufacturing ultrasonic liquid flow meters
September 2010 Established Dalian Plant in China
October 2010 Established Hai Phong Plant in Vietnam
April 2013 Began sales of LP ultrasonic gas meters
June 2013 Completed the new head office building
December 2014 Established Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Co., Ltd.
April 2015 Began sales of Capacitive Electromagnetic Flowsensor FMO
April 2018 Acquired naming rights for Nagoya City Atsuta Stadium
April 2019 Opened Bangkok Representative Office
Octorber 2019 Opened Ho Chi Minh Representative Office