Corporate Philosophy and Brand

Corporate Philosophy

We create new value to serve customers and society and
continue to win reliability from all.

Reliability Creativity Service

Charter of Corporate Behavior

Guiding Principle

In cooperation with our Group companies, Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd. engages in corporate activities and advances our businesses in a sound, sustainable manner based on our Corporate Philosophy of Reliability, Creativity, and Service. At the same time, in order to help build a safe and secure society, we comply with both the letter and spirit of laws, regulations, and international rules, and strive to earn the trust of society more broadly.

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  • Brand Mark

    Brand Mark

    Consisting of an overlapping A and C as the initials of Aichi Clock, the brand mark has remained a part of Aichi Tokei Denki since 1904, even as its appearance has changed over the years.

  • Symbol Mark

    Symbol Mark

    This triangular mark that symbolizes the initial A from the Aichi Tokei Denki name expresses our dramatic progress in the three directions of the Corporate Philosophy: Reliability, Creativity, and Service. (established for the 85th anniversary)

  • Brand Logo

    Brand Logo

    (established for the 85th anniversary)

  • Slogan


    We will continue to contribute to society by providing services that integrate accurate on-site monitoring using high-performance meters and sensors with the use of systems to visualize an extensive range of information and installation and construction. (established for the 100th anniversary)