Aichi Tokei at Hannover Messe 2017




” Proposal of more effective energy conservation


 in your industrial facilities with compressor air flow meter! Strong against oil mist! ” 


We are a manufacturer of water and gas meters and sensors to factories and the industrial market. Our business started 119 years ago in Nagoya which is one of the most thriving cities due to the manufacturing industry in Japan. In Hannover Messe, We will display ultrasonic flow meters for compressor air: TRX and TRZ. They were invented to meet the recent potential needs of energy saving for industrial facilities around the world. The amount of electricity consumption for air compressor is occupied with 20-25% of that of the whole electricity consumption of the factory. TRX and TRZ provide us with clues for much more effective energy saving by detection of air leak points, reexamination of the air supplying volume by the result of line survey and data analysis, and verification of compressor capability. Also, the strong durability against oil mist and the wide range ability of 1:60 enable us to achieve more accurate measurement of small flow and humid air that the other measurement principles can’t accomplish.


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《Company description》

Aichi Tokei Denki Co. Ltd offers a wide variety of products and services which provide fluid measuring and monitoring technologies to the Gas and Water Industry, who in turn support infrastructure, and to the Industrial Market which is essential for the manufacturing sector.
For a period of over a century since our establishment in 1898, we have developed and refined core technologies utilized in precision machinery and fluid measurement by clock, water and gas meters.
We are now aiming to expand to become a more influential manufacturer of industrial flow sensors and related systems, with the goal that our business will be growth more for many industrial areas, including utilization in medical devices as well as factories. We will continue to strive for a high standard of safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction in all our products and services delivered through our renowned and long-standing manufacturing experience.