Global brand “ATZTA (Atsuta)”




Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Atsuta-ward, Nagoya, Aichi-prefecture, Japan. President: Toshiyuki Hoshika) is to push advancement into overseas markets forward further, which is one of the visions of its medium-term management plan, and starts its global branding strategy, which is to unify names of industrial products (flow meters and flow sensors) for both domestic and overseas markets into “ATZTA (pronounce as “Atsuta”)”.


“ATZTA (Atsuta)” is the head letter of “A to Z to Aichitokei”, and such thought that “Aichi Tokei Denki solves all the issues of fluid measurements” is put in it. Also, whereas “Atsuta” has been the location of the headquarter since the establishment, “ATZTA (Atsuta)” is the starting point of our manufacturing.

 In addition, the brand slogan of ATZTA is made as “MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY’S NEW VALUE”.
As the beginning, with applying “ATZTA (Atsuta)” to TRX/TRZ Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Compressed Air, the brand will be developped from HANNOVER MESSE 2019, the world’s largest B to B specialized exhibition, held in Germany in April, for which the newest indstrial technologies and products are gathered.


> Products
・Compressed Air and Nitrogen Ultrasonic flow meter   ATZTA  model TRX / TRZ
・Fuel Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter   ATZTA  model AS-W
・Fuel Gas Control Ultrasonic Flow Meter   ATZTA  model UX/UZ


> Exhibitions / Events
We will exhibit at HANNOVER MESSE