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Notice of the new version of our Ultrasonic Flow Meter AS-W / AS-C

  • April 3rd, 2023
  • Products & Services

We are pleased to announce the update of our Ultrasonic Flow Meter, AS-W / AS-C For Natural Gas / For Air.
Ultrasonic Flow Meter AS-W has changed to a new version.
AS-W / AS-C is an ideal for a wide variety of bulk flow metering applications, such as network monitoring, leakage detection, etc.

For the details, please see
> Products|Ultrasonic Flow Meter AS-W / AS-C For Fuel Gas / For Air

Main feature:
・Runs with a built-in lithium battery and no necessity of electric wiring construction. Battery life is 10 years.
・Zero pressure loss and zero energy loss achieved by no obstacle inside the measurement tube.
・With wide rangeability of 1:400, even small flow is measurable, so it enables pipe leakage detection.


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