DSVDisposable Electromagnetic Flowsensors

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Product concept

An electromagnetic flow sensor that has a disposable structure in which the parts exposed to the liquid can be replaced easily.
It also realizes stable performance and a low price, as well as unprecedented safety.


1. Suitable for measuring fluid in the medical field and research and analysis in the physical and chemical fields in which a clean environment is absolutely necessary. Introducing a disposable structure in which the parts of flow sensors exposed to fluid can be easily replaced, it realizes unprecedented safety. Stainless steel and the medical grade resin used in the parts exposed to fluid improve its biocompatibility.

2. Disposable electromagnetic flow sensors are comprised of the body, including a magnetic-generating circuit and electric circuit, and a flow passage with a disposable structure. Our high-precision molding technique minimizes individual variation and achieves stable performance as well as a lower price, while the disposable parts have a simple structure that can be replaced easily.

3. The disposable structure makes you needless from cleaning the meter each time after measuring. It will contribute to creating new values, such as improving throughput, and saving cost by boosting operating efficiency, as well as the compact design of the equipment.

4. Satisfies a wide range of needs in flow measurement ranging from microflow at only a few ml per minute to the flow at a few hundred ml per minute.

An example of requested specifications (reference)

Items Specifications
Measuring fluid Conductive fluid at 15 mS/cm
Flow rate range 1 – 20mL/min
Fluid temperature range 10 – 40℃
Operating pressure 0 – 300kPa
Pressure loss 40 kPa or less
Signal output Open collector pulse

* These specifications are just an example. Please feel free to consult with us about various applications of flow meters.
Another integrated electromagnetic flow sensors without a need of disposable structure are also lined up.

Introduction of technologies

1. Easy handling

The handling of the sensor is exceedingly simple, as the structure of disposable parts can be replaced easily.
The electromagnetic sensor uses the law of electromagnetic induction as a measuring principle. It detects flow rate by adding a magnetic field from outside the piping.
The magnetic field easily passes through such a metal as stainless steel as well as such an object as plastic. Therefore, the flow rate can be measured simply by placing the disposable parts that detect flow rate signals in the magnetic field.

2. Stable performance

If the magnetic field applied from outside the piping is stable, the only element that could greatly affect the performance of the electromagnetic flow sensor is the diameter of the passage.
The disposable parts in the passage are made of plastic molding components. It is important to secure dimensional stability with the tiny unit of μm precision.
Our mass production and molding technologies, which produce over 2 million water meters every year, assure constant stability.

3. Low price

It makes little sense if you have to spend much on disposable parts.
Electrodes and fluid passage are the only things that are needed in the disposable parts. We can offer a reasonable price by mass-producing them with our insert molding technique.

4. Safety

Technically, you may be able to secure the safety of non-disposable meters as long as you clean the device thoroughly.
If you introduce disposable sensors, however, you will be free from worrying about the risk of a cleaning failure. You can obtain perfect safety and security you never experienced before, as the disposable sensors allow you to measure in a clean condition every time.
Moreover, the disposable flow sensors have the potential of improving throughput, simplifying the system and even bringing you new ideas for a business model.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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