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Law of Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic flow meters use the law of electromagnetic induction. When conductive fluid passes through a magnetic field, an induced voltage is proportional to the average velocity of the fluid.
This electromotive force is produced at the direction which is a right angle to the flow of the fluid and to the magnetic field. It is detected by the electrodes mounted in the middle of the measuring pipe, and the flow is calculated based on the detected electromotive force.

Electromotive Force (e) = Strength of magnetic field (B) × Average Velocity of Fluid (V) × Distance Between Electrodes (D)


Formidable Energy Efficiency, Significant Durability and Excellent Measurement Performance

Realizing our supreme technology of energy conservation, for the first time in the world, we succeeded to launch an electromagnetic water meter that can ensure ten years of continuous measurements even though it is driven by its built-in batteries.
Our electromagnetic water meters do not have moving parts in flow-pass, which eliminates pressure loss and provides excellent durability and higher resistance to the inclusion of foreign objects.
They can be installed flexibly, either in a perpendicular or parallel direction, and are capable of accurate measurement in a wide range of flow volume from small to large.

To the Further Evolution of Electromagnetic Technologies

With the aim of further expanding the scope of applications, we continue to proceed with innovations in electromagnetic technologies: from water filled pipes to partially filled pipes, for lower flow rates, and for lower power consumption.


  • Flexibility in installation locations

    Freedom of Installation

    • Ranging from 2-wire meters to battery-powered meters.
    • The battery-operated meters run 10 years on built-in batteries.
    • Can be installed anywhere, for example, in a vertical pipe, horizontal pipe, and immediately after a bend pipe.
    • Insertion type can be installed in a pipe with a diameter up to 800mm.
  • Advanced Measuring Performance

    Advanced Measuring Performance

    • Capable of flow measurement even when the pipe is only partially filled.
    • High speed responsiveness allows for the tracking of pulsation flow.
    • Capable to cope with measurements of broad flow-rate ranges.
  • Measuring Various Types of Fluid

    Measuring Various Types of Fluid

    • Measures fluid with low-level conductivity, hot water, or corrosive fluids such as chemical solutions.
    • For blood and dialysis fluids in the medical field.
    • Adopts MEMS technology to measure fluid in micro-channels.


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    Also for the measurement of micro-flows, water in partially filled pipes, etc.

    Our electromagnetic technologies can also be applied for the detection of tiny amounts of fluid leakage, measurement of the body-fluid removal amount in a dialysis machine, accurate measurements of micro-flows such as infusion, and the like. We also have succeeded in measuring flows of fluid in a partially filled pipe for the first time in the world. Our advanced technologies and creative ideas have made it possible to make measurements in various applications previously considered impossible. Today, the scope of areas where our technologies can contribute is expanding to a variety of fields.

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    Easy Installation

    One of our strong fields, flow meters for industrial usage, have no mechanically moving parts (i.e. vane wheel). Therefore, there is no need to worry about failure caused by overflow or inclusion of foreign materials such as sand, and the pressure drop is almost zero. In addition, because our meters run on built-in batteries, an external power supply is not required and the installation position is flexible. With drastic size reduction and weight saving, various places where meter installation was impossible have been made possible.