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Propagation Time Difference System with Excellent Repeatability

In this measurement technology, two ultrasonic sensors are mounted on the inlet and outlet sides. When a fluid flows in the direction of the arrow, its velocity makes a difference in the propagation time of ultrasonic waves sent from the inlet side sensor and the same from the outlet side sensor. The flow-rate of the fluid can be detected from this time difference, and the flow volume is calculated based on the cross-sectional area of the flow meter’s measurement pipe and the flow-rate. Our ultrasonic measurement technology provides high-precision and stable measurements for a long period of time due to our elaborated technologies in ultrasonic detection and infinitesimal time measurement.

Propagation Time Difference System with Excellent Reproducibility


Supreme Energy Efficiency, Significant Durability and Excellent Measurement Performance

By adopting ultrasonic measurement, a lower pressure loss, lighter weight, and better durability are achieved by eliminating mechanically moving parts from the flow meters. In addition, as we have reached the pinnacle of the technology of reducing power consumption, by integrating our innovative measurement technologies into a custom IC, our flow meters have become capable of ten years of operation with built-in batteries.
Furthermore, we polished up our technological capabilities in fluid engineering and acoustic engineering to develop such ultrasonic flow meters that are suited for measuring liquids and gases respectively, and to dramatically improve adaptability to various installation environments such as piping conditions, etc., as well. In order to meet the needs of our customers across the world, we also optimized materials and parts to enable the use of our products in a wider range of regions from subtropical to cold climates.

To the Further Strengthening of the Potentiality of Ultrasonic Technologies

We continue to work on improving our products in higher precision and lower power consumption as well as expanding the scope of applications by developing our original ultrasonic sensors and elaborating techniques in ultrasonic detection and infinitesimal time measurement.


  • Flexibility in Installation Locations

    Flexibility in Installation Locations

    • Runs on built-in batteries for 10 years. No need for external power supply.
    • Easy to install. A lightweight and compact design.
    • Can be installed anywhere, for example, in a vertical piping, horizontal piping, and immediately after a bend pipe tube, etc. Therefore, the flow meters can easily be designed to be built into machines.
    • Embedding flow meters into machines cannot be easier.
    • Pressure loss is exceedingly small, as our ultrasonic meters do not have moving parts.
  • Measuring Various Type of Gases and Fluids

    Measuring Various Type of Gases and Fluids

    • Wide measurable flow-rate range.
    • Our flow meters can manage flows and detect leaks just by one unit.
    • Accurately measures fluctuating flows.
    • Measures back flows and forward flows. even in complicated tubing and pulsatile flow.


  • High Durability and Maintenance-free

    High Durability and Maintenance-free

    • No clogging because there are no moving parts.
    • Can be used in a wide range of operating environments, as our ultrasonic flowmeters are resistant to oil and mist.
  • Measuring Various Type of Gases and Fluids

    Measuring Various Type of Gases and Fluids

    • Can apply to various gases such as fuel gases, air, nitrogen and hydrogen.
    • Sufficient durability to apply to moist gases.
      Liquid meters are also available.


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    Our ultrasonic meters monitor the flow of fuel gas and air in a burner in an industrial furnace. Quality of products produced by the furnace can be improved and stabilized by precisely adjusting the mixture ratio of gas and air to control combustion, and you can even reduce the amount of fuel consumption. Moreover, we realized the compact design while keeping the accuracy so that you can built our meters in various types of machining tools.

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    Visualize Invisible Air Flow

    By visualizing the air flow in your factory, you can maximize the efficiency of the compressor, which will significantly reduce your energy cost. Furthermore, you can install our meters in multiple locations, as the implementation cost is low.