Product Warranty

We greatly appreciate your continued patronage.
The Aichi Tokei Denki product warranty is as follows.

Warranty Period

Our warranty lasts for one year from the date of purchase.
(If you do not know the date of purchase, the warranty lasts for one year from the month the product was manufactured.)


  • Specified measuring devices subject to approval are under warranty for one year from the month they receive approval.
    The Valid Period established under the Measurement Act stipulates the maximum useable life, and does NOT indicate the product warranty period.
  • The warranty period for some products varies. (Example: Five years for gas leak alarms) Please check the warranty period at the time of purchase.

Warranty Coverage

Our products are produced under an uncompromising quality assurance system. However, when a malfunction occurs for which we are responsible as the manufacturer within the warranty period when used under normal operating conditions, we will repair or replace the product free of charge.
Please check the warranty details for each product to verify warranty coverage.

Moreover, the warranty is only valid for our individual products, and does NOT cover damages to the customer induced by a malfunction of our products (damage to or loss of other products, lost profits, opportunity loss, transportation expenses, and installation fees, etc.)


  • If you have entered a special agreement with the Company, the warranty will accord with the details of said agreement.