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Monitor your single life with smart water meter x Aichi Cloud

Initiatives Residential

In recent years, isolation in single-person residences has become a social issue due to the aging of the population. At Aichi Tokei Denki, we are working to provide new value by collecting measurement data on lifeline water supplies using communications.

Pay attention to water usage in the morning hours!

In a survey conducted among elderly households, 98.7% of elderly households use water in the morning hours. I was doing sup>.
Therefore, we usually send an email in the morning when there is no water usage at the time when we would normally use water.
*From our demonstration experiment data (conducted from 2019.12 to 2020.12)

Pay attention to water usage in the morning hours!

Aichi Cloud's monitoring benefits

Aichi Cloud only collects water usage.
Customers who live alone are less likely to feel like they are being watched, and can receive services while going about their daily lives.

Aichi Cloud's monitoring benefits

Setting meter reading/alarm notification destination

Each email notification destination for meter reading data notifications and alarm notifications can be set individually.
It is also possible to set notification destinations for each meter, such as administrators and family members, for monitoring alarm notifications.


Features of Aichi Cloud

Easy to install

No special system or software is required, and you can start using your own computer or tablet, reducing installation costs.

Does not hold personal information of water consumers

No personal information is registered on the cloud, and the customer number is linked to the meter reading terminal number. This eliminates the hassle and expense of changing personal information.

Cooperation with other clouds and systems

It is equipped with an API that can be linked with clouds and systems provided by various industries. Therefore, you can make maximum use of Aichi Cloud data.

Features of Aichi Cloud

Automatic meter reading anytime at the office

Meters can be read without going to the site.
You can check the hourly meter pointer value from midnight the previous day to midnight the next day.
Monthly comparisons help detect water leaks early.

Automatic meter reading anytime at the office