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Creating environmentally friendly products – Making water meters lighter and smaller –

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Contributing to more efficient transport and construction of water meters and reduced CO2 emissions

The certification validity period for household water meters*1 is eight years, and approximately 7.5 million meters are replaced each year nationwide.
At Aichi Tokei Denki, we formulated "Carbon Neutral 2050" in April 2022, and after analyzing the impact of our business, products and services on society, we aim to "reduce greenhouse gas emissions" and "reduce the environmental impact of our products in their life cycles." We are promoting the reduction of environmental impact based on our action guidelines of "reduction" and "cooperation across the entire supply chain."
In addition, as part of "Carbon Neutral 2050," in order to develop more environmentally friendly products, we have significantly reviewed the amount of materials used and structure in the development of new water meters. We have achieved a weight reduction of 50% for the SD series and 45% for the new electronic water meter ER series.

*1 Caliber: 13-20mm, *2 Caliber: 20mm

Comparison of Existing product PD20, Conventional product SD20 and New SD20S (our comparison)

Comparison between the Existing product EDS20 and the New ER20S (our comparison)

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Creating environmentally friendly products - Making water meters smaller and lighter

Aiming to make products that are more environmentally friendly, we have achieved a 45% reduction in weight and size compared to current products.
In addition to reducing CO2 emissions during manufacturing, we have also made transportation and construction more efficient. *Aperture: 20mm.

We engage in corporate activities that are considerate of the global environment and contribute to society through technology that is in harmony with the environment.


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