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Environmentally Conscious Business Activities – Elimination of Plastic Bag Packaging –

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We will strive to reduce CO2 emissions by “going green” in all of our business activities in consideration of global environmental preservation.

As part of the 13th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), “take concrete measures against climate change,” we have been using plastic bags (materials) for packaging gas meters in Japan until now, but we will gradually discontinue them from the first half of FY2024.

This initiative will reduce our annual use of about 500,000 plastic bags (equivalent to 10 g). Since the amount of CO2 reduction per plastic bag (production + incineration) is approximately 40g, this means that approximately 20.0 tons of CO2 can be reduced per year.


The reduction of approximately 20.0 tons of CO2 is equivalent to the following when replacing other energy sources.
・Annual electricity consumption of an average family for 10 years
・Food consumed by one person for 10 years
・The amount of gasoline a car runs for 10 years (calculated at 6,000 km/year)

We are committed to corporate activities that take the global environment into consideration and contribute to society through technologies that harmonize with the environment.


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