Natural Gas Flow Meters

Natural Gas Flow Meters in Severe Natural Environment

Harbin in China, where temperatures could reach as low as -30 °C. We developed flow meters with a sturdy and robust design that endure such a severe environment. The dust-resistant, ultrasonic flow meters are employed to overcome an environment susceptible to impurities.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use Smart Meter

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use Smart Meter

Our water meters are also used in New York, which is renowned for its successful urban development. A lightweight and compact design - these are the primary reasons why our products have been selected. Conventional flow meters are so heavy that they require a few people just to lift them. They are not only a burden on workers but are also space-consuming. Our flow meters, on the other hand, can be easily handled by a single person, solving the issues that New York has been facing.

Measuring Microflows Made Medical Equipment Elaborated


Dialysis machines filtrate a patient's blood. Measuring flows related to filtration is one of the most critical functions of dialysis machines. Our technologies, designs achieving compact size and disposable with sustaining high accuracy, are adopted to the products of the world's leading manufacturers and widely used across the world.

Improving Infrastructure for Water Resources Using Large Scale Systems

Promoting Energy Conservation of Factories by Visualizing Air Flow

Visualizing invisible air flow brings your factory a variety of benefits. Our technology allows you to greatly save utility costs by detecting leaks in a compressed air system and optimizes the operating status of the compressor. Furthermore, you can also reduce the emission of exhaust gases as well as the fuel cost by measuring the amount of air and gases in a combustion furnace as well as by optimizing the air-fuel ratio.