Smart Gas Meters and Next Generation Communication Technologies

New solutions created by smart gas meters and next-generation communication technology


New Solutions Created by Smart Gas Meter x Next Generation Communication Technology

LP gas has pioneered the use of automatic meter reading, but customers are increasingly demanding a variety of services that utilize gas meter information, not just monthly meter reading for gas usage billing.
The spread of next-generation communication technologies for automatic meter reading, such as U-bus communication*1 and LPWA*2, which cover a wider area with lower power consumption than conventional technologies, is expected.
We are considering using this next-generation communication technology to easily collect a variety of information from gas meters to improve not only meter reading efficiency, but also delivery efficiency and various other services.
1. "U" stands for "universal" or "ubiquitous," and "bus connection" is a next-generation interface.
2. Abbreviation for Low Power Wide Area, a communication method that achieves long-distance communication with low power consumption.

New Solutions Created by Smart Gas Meter x Next Generation Communication Technology

Advantages of introducing a metering system that utilizes next-generation communication technology

There are various ways to utilize the system, such as improving the efficiency of meter reading and delivery operations, as well as responding to security issues.
We believe that our system can address and solve a wide range of issues currently faced by our customers.

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