Pressure reducing valves C-H

Pressure reducing valves C-H Photo

Model name

CH25N-050-1 – High response type


・Highly-responsive governor
・For large cooling and heating equipment that use electromagnetic valves.
・For industrial furnaces

Standard specifications

・Pressure in the primary side P1 = 30 to 300 kPa
・Pressure in the secondary side P2 = 1 to 20 kPa
・Diameters = Inlet side is 1B (25A) and outlet side is 1 and 1/2B (40A)


Model CH25N-050-1
Capacity factor (K) 1.4
Primary pressure 30 kPa 72
50kPa 97
100kPa 142
150kPa 177
200kPa 212
250kPa 247
300kPa 282





Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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