Pressure reducing valves C-H

Pressure reducing valves C-H Photo

Model name

CH25N-050-1 – High response type


・Highly-responsive governor
・For large cooling and heating equipment that use electromagnetic valves.
・For industrial furnaces

Standard specifications

・Pressure in the primary side P1 = 30 to 300 kPa
・Pressure in the secondary side P2 = 1 to 20 kPa
・Diameters = Inlet side is 1B (25A) and outlet side is 1 and 1/2B (40A)


Model CH25N-050-1
Capacity factor (K) 1.4
Primary pressure 30 kPa 72
50kPa 97
100kPa 142
150kPa 177
200kPa 212
250kPa 247
300kPa 282



・Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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