Pressure relief valve A and R

Pressure relief valve A and R Photo

Pressure relief valve A and R

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Model name

A25R-1 and A50R-11


– The relief valve operates when the pressure rises abnormally to reduce the pressure to the set level.
– The set pressure can be easily changed by handle operation (by twisting the adjusting bolt).


Standard specifications
Pressure in the primary side P1 = 1 to 30 kPa
Diameters = 25A and 50A

Model A25R-1 A50R-1
2.5kPa 14 49
5.0kPa 21 70
10kPa 29 98
15kPa 36 120
20kPa 42 139
25kPa 46 153

(Note) These values are the flow rates when the air is emitted from the primary side with the valve fully open.


Model A25R-1 A50R-1
A(mm) 140 220
B(mm) 141 221
C(mm) 27 51
D(mm) φ169 φ246
E Rc1 Rc2
Mass 1.3 9.3



Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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