TRAUltrasonic Flow Meter for Liquid

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・High durability with no moving parts
・Turndown ratio 50:1
・Ultrasonic sensor is integrated
・Negligible pressure drop (equivalent to straight pipe)
・Easy to read LCD which can be oriented at a right angle for easy viewing
・2 outputs for easy integration with other system
・Can measure pure water
・Options for power supply :
– Built-in batteries (10 years of continuous operation)
– DC power

Measurement principle


Examples of applications

Control of water in facilities such as water treatment plants and operations such as cleaning Measurement of pumping amounts of underground water



Model TRA40T TRA50T TRA80T TRA100T
Size mm 40A 0A 80A 100A
in. 1 1/2 2 3 4
Measurable fluids Drinking water, processing water, industrial water, pure water, etc.
Max.pressure NPa 1
Bar(PSI) 10 (145)
Flow range m3/h 0.6 to 30 1 to 50 2 to 100 4 to 200
US gal/min 2.64 to 132 4.4 to 220 8.8 to 440 17.6 to 880
Accuracy ±2% of rate m3/h 3 to 30 5 to 50 10 to 100 20 to 200
US gal/min 13.2 to 132 22 to 220 44 to 440 88 to 880
±5% of rate m3/h 0.6 to 3 1 to 5 2 to 10 4 to 20
US gal/min 2.64 to 13.2 4.4 to 22 8.8 to 44 17.6 to 880
Fluid temperature range 0 to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Display Main   Cyclic display : Total integrated flow/Trip integrated flow
Integrated flow LCD 10digit
Sub Instantaneous flow Cyclic display : Instantaneous/Temperature
Temperature LCD 4digit
Output Pulse Pulse per 0.1m3 or Pulse per 10 USgals (open drain unit pulse)
Analog 4 to 20mA (for DC power only)
Power supply Battery Lithium battery with a life of 10 years (replaceable)
Extermal 24V DC
Connection Wafer
Installation position Free
Materials in contact with fluid PVC
Protection class IP64
Weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs) 1.7kg (3.7lbs) 2.4kg (2.4lbs) 3.1kg (3.1lbs)


External dimensions





Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

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Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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