Turbine Meters for Gas Management

Turbine types No power required Long-selling
Nominal diameter:
Rc1 1/2・Rc1 1/4・Rc2・JIS 10K 50A FLANGE
Standards certification:
RoHS、CE、UKCA(TBX100F is not CE, RoHS, or UKCA compliant)

Turbine meters in the TBZ and TBX series were developed for controlling the gas consumption of each piece of equipment such as compact boilers and various industrial furnaces.

The products realize a smart design with a lightweight and compact body and support a wide range of measurement including maximum working pressure and maximum measuring flow rate.

Furthermore, the built-in 2-system pulse transmitters enable you to establish a remote meter reading system and an energy control system.




The TBZ series even corrects temperature and pressure to allow you to read gas consumption in the standard conversion condition.

The external power supply model TBX-D has been newly added to the lineup of the TBX series. You can choose the model that would best suit your applications for better usability.

Note) TBX30, TBX100, and TBX100F are CE compliant. (Collaborative development product with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)

・The maximum working pressure covers low, medium and high pressures.
・Free installation positions.
・Equipped with two systems of pulse transmitter.
・Supports a variety of gases and a wider range of applications.
・LCD display that gives you more information.
・Corrects temperature and pressure. (TBZ series).
・Non-stop operation for seven years. (For the battery specifications)

Application examples

・Manage and control gas flows of burning equipment such as burners, boilers and furnaces.
・Manage and control flows of hot and chilled water generators in compact to medium sizes.
・Manage and control flows of gas refrigerators.
・Manage and control gas flows as a part of plant instrumentation.
・For various experimental devices relating to gas flows.

System drawing



Introduction of related products


Introduction of Ultrasonic Flow Meter ATZTA UX/UZ for fuel gas management


A new lineup of ultrasonic flowmeters for fuel gas measurement! !

We have achieved wide rangeability and low flow rate measurement by utilizing the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. It is resistant to dust and is the most suitable flowmeter for burners with large turndown and fuel gas consumption management (visualization).


“Wide Range and High Performance”

Achieves a wide range of 1:50 from the minimum flow rate to the maximum flow rate.

Accurate measurement is possible even at low flow rates. Ideal for gas flow measurement of burners with large turndown.


“High durability”

Compared to other measurement methods, it is more resistant to oil mist, and as a countermeasure against oil mist caused by the re-liquefaction of butane and propane, we recommend installing it in a vertical pipe (bottom to top).


Product information > ATZTA UX40・50 / ATZTA UZ40・50


Global brand 「ATZTA」


“ATZTA (Atsuta)” is the head letter of “A to Z to Aichitokei”, and such thought that “Aichi Tokei Denki solves all the issues of fluid measurements” is put in it. Also, whereas “Atsuta” has been the location of the headquarter since the establishment, “ATZTA (Atsuta)” is the starting point of our manufacturing.

・Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

・Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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ATZTA TBX/TBZ English 1 MB Ver.3.3

Instruction manuals

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TBX/TBX-D English 2 MB

Specification sheets

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TBX English 250 KB Ver.6
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