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Kochi Racecourse Water Meter Reading Management System

Delivery Track Record Commercial Shikoku
  • Kochi Racecourse
    Kochi Racecourse
  • Ameris DM Plus Alpha Light
    Ameris DM Plus Alpha Light
Destination Kochi Racecourse (Kochi Horse Racing Association)
Overview Kochi Racecourse is the only horse racecourse in the Shikoku region located in Kochi City, and is characterized by night races that take advantage of the mild climate.
When the water meters were due for renewal due to the expiration of their water meter certification, we proposed Ameris DM Plus α Light based on the customer's requirements, and the system was adopted due to its operability and economic efficiency.

The system is a meter reading management system that enables centralized management of the 192 water meters scattered throughout the stable barns and stables adjacent to the vast racetrack from a PC in the office, without the need to visit the racetrack.

Customers have commented, "The system has saved us a lot of time and effort in reading water meters, and we can now check the amount of water used in real time at the management office. The system has been well received by customers.

Place Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Industry Telecommunications work