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Inova Control Electromagnetic water meter SU series

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Overview [Background/Issues]
Inova Control was worried about its water supply in Mexico, which required replacing water meters due to poor accuracy after installation and flooding due to heavy rain, which was a time-consuming and costly process.

Our electromagnetic water meter SU was installed, and its features such as accuracy not decreasing even after installation, high precision measurement at small flow rates, and waterproof specifications were highly evaluated, and the meter lineup has been expanded. was adopted by.

Inova Control said, ''There are places where the valve box gets flooded due to heavy rain.Under these conditions, meters from other brands would have had to be replaced, but Aichi Clock Denki's SU meter needs to be replaced. It's very useful because it doesn't have any problems and continues to work even underwater.''

We will continue to support a safe and secure water supply by proposing maintenance-free, high-performance water meters based on customer feedback.
Place Mexico
Industry Water supply
Product technology Electromagnetic water meter SU series

Electromagnetic Water Meter|Aichitokei

We are pleased to announce the update of our Smart Meter, Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Water Meter SU.
The updated movie with the narration in English supports you to understand the main feature and advantage of SU.

SU is an ideal for a wide variety of bulk flow metering applications, such as network monitoring, leakage detection and commercial billing.
SU is simple, accurate and robust using Aichi smart technology.
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Main feature:
10-year battery life with a sampling rate of 0.5 seconds, waterproof rating IP68, light body, available in sizes 40mm to 300mm.
Compliant to OIML R49/ISO4064, compatible with AMR/AMI & data logging devices, SACADA systems.

SU featuring Aichi smart technology will support you to open the doors for future generations.