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Gambro SPA (medical equipment manufacturer) Compact electromagnetic flow sensor

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  • Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor VN
    Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor VN
Destination Gambro SPA (medical equipment manufacturer)
Overview Problems before implementation:
Medical dialysis machines require careful monitoring of the amount of waste products and excess water removed through the filter. The mechanical monitoring systems employed in traditional dialysis machines are extremely complex and costly. The biggest challenge was that the dialysis machine would be huge if you included the entire mechanical system.
These problems can be solved by introducing flow sensors. Therefore, there was a need for a flowmeter that could meet strict standards for accuracy, stability, and safety.

Background of flow meter introduction:
It all started when one of our engineers, who had been looking for a flow sensor for many years, happened to come across Aichi's sensor. Since then, we have developed various technologies in collaboration with Aichi and completed the ideal flowmeter. We believe this success is due to the wide range of fluid measurement knowledge and electromagnetic flowmeter technology that Aichi has accumulated over the years. At the same time, Aichi's kind and sincere attitude in meeting our required specifications played a major role in this success.

Effects after implementation:
I have been using Aichi's flowmeter for over 10 years. Aichi's new electromagnetic flow sensor VNG has been officially installed in the new main dialysis machine Artis, which has just started mass production. This dialysis machine is used in hospitals around the world, especially in Europe.
Place Sweden
Industry Medical care
Product technology Measuring blood flow rate with light | We are conducting research to apply laser Doppler measurement technology to medical devices

Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor VN|Aichitokei

For controlling the flow rate of liquids incorporated into various devices.
Agricultural use such as pesticide spraying drones, medical use, construction use, etc.
[Product features]
・High-speed sampling, real-time flow control
・Absolute accuracy
・Good cost performance
・Compact body allows space-saving installation
・High durability