NDV10Small-size Flowsensor

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・Superior repeatability ・Low pressure drop ・Output of pulses proportional to flow-rate with the amplifier-built-in magnetic sensor which is strong against electrical noises ・Simple structure ・Free installation position ・Small and light weight

Flowsensor Applications

・To control of warm water temperature ・To constantly supply water and warm water ・To monitor coolant, etc. ・To proportionally inject chemical fluids ・To control pressure loss of filters


Model NDV10 is a simple type flowsensor with high quality and low price, which are to make the product become much easier to be adopted by you. Installing the flowsensor in devices developed by you or systems will help improve their functionality such as control and monitoring of the flow.

Enhanced basic functions, user friendliness and cost efficiency are the key points

ND series offers high accuracy measurement of not only cold and warm water but also pure water, chemical fluids, etc. It is light-weighted compact body and is compatible with various kinds of fluids with the carefully selected casing materials such as PP, ETFE, PPO, etc., and with the highly sensitive magnetic sensor of our own development. This series is therefore widely applicable for various flow measurements and its control and monitoring as well.


Flow-rate range 1 L/min – 10 L/min
Accuracy Within ± 7 % (RS)
Measurable fluid City water *1
Maximum working pressure Up to 0.75 MPa (At fluid temprature of 20°C)
Pulse unit 1.12 mL/p (There is possibility that piping condition of the equipment in which NDV10 is installed influences and varies this pulse unit.)
Pressure drop 27 kPa at 10 L/min
Working temperature range Fluid: 0 – +40°C Ambient: 0 – +40°C (35-85%RH,Dew condentation moust be avoided)
Connection Please refer to External Dimension
Power supply for the sensor 3 – 30 V DC (Vcc)
Transmitting wire connection Connecter-pin connection method
Output signal  Voltage pulsendv_signalNote: Please utilize at electric load resistance not less than 10KΩ.
Weight Approx. 12g
Material of the main parts Casing ABS resin containing glass fiver (Color: Milk white)
Vane wheel Polyacetal resin containing carbon fiver
Shaft SUS304
Magnet Samarium cobalt magnet

*1: Forliguid other than city water, Please contact us for our checking of Suitability.



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Specifications may vary by country, about which please confirm at the time of inquiry.

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