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Midland Square Electromagnetic water meter, etc.

Delivery Track Record Commercial Chubu
  • Midland Square (Mainichi Building, Toyota)
    Midland Square (Mainichi Building, Toyota)
Destination Midland Square (for Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd.)
Overview Midland Square (Toyota Mainichi Building) was completed in front of Nagoya Station in September 2006. AICHI products are also playing an active role in this new landmark that will greatly change the look of the area in front of the station.
At Midland Square, 37 electromagnetic water meters (Model SU) and 92 remote water meters (FMDS), for a total of 129 units, are used to manage water consumption in the building and to bill tenants (water billing). In a large high-rise building like Midland Square, where many water meters are installed, reading each meter individually is extremely time-consuming and costly.
By using electromagnetic water meters and remote water meters, data can be automatically read by a central monitoring room, helping to reduce management costs. Electromagnetic water meters are used in many large buildings and commercial facilities because of their extremely low failure rate compared to wing-wheel water meters due to the absence of moving parts and their ease of installation.
Place Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Industry Multi-tenant building