AS-WUltrasonic Flow Meter
For Fuel Gas

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Since AS-W flow meter covers wider range from small to large flow rate, it contributes to cost saving and convenient facility management. At the same time, it saves the cost of redundant governor and piping.

・ Non-moving parts results in not degrading meter performance. It eventually makes needless to repair the parts and refuel the lubricant oil.
・ Because of the pressure loss being closely “0”, it can get rid of the pressure shortage risk.
・ Because of lightweight and compact feature, it enables easy installation and needs less space.

Product Specifications

Model AS-W-25 AS-W-32 AS-W-40 AS-W-50 AS-W-80 AS-W-100 AS-W-150 AS-W-200
Nominal diameter 25A 32A 40A 50A 80A 100A 150A 200A
Power supply Built-in lithium batteries
Years of duration 6 years
(At surrounding temperature of 20℃)
(Exclunding 1 year of storage period)
Measurable fluids Natural gas and air
Working pressure
(Absolute pressure)
Accuracy Flowrate measurement accuracy *1 ±5%RS (m³/h) Actual flow rate (m³/h) ±0.7 ∼ 7 ±1.3 ∼ 13 ±1.6 ∼ 16 ±3 ∼ 30 ±6 ∼ 60 ±10 ∼ 100 ±24 ∼ 240 ±40 ∼ 400
±2%RS (m³/h) Actual flow rate (m³/h) ±7 ∼ 35 ±16 ∼ 65 ±16 ∼ 80 ±30 ∼ 150 ±60 ∼ 300 ±100 ∼ 500 ±240 ∼ 1200 ±400 ∼ 2000
Low flow cut-off
(Initial flow rate) *2
Flow rate (m/s) 0.05 m/s or less
Actual flow rate (m³/h) ±0.1 ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.4 ±0.8 ±1.5 ±3.2 ±5.7
Fluid temperature and humidity -20 to +60℃, 90% RH or less
Pressure loss Zero (Equivalent to straight tube part)
Display Accumulated flow volume Accumulated flow volume: 00000000.0 (9 digits/m³ or Nm³) Accumulated flow volume: 0000000000 (10 digits/m³ or Nm³)
Instantaneous flow rate *3 (1) Maximum indication value: ±19999Nm³/h (converted flow rate)
(2) Maximum indication value: ±19999Nm³/h (actual flow rate)
(Two decimal places for a value less than 200, one decimal place for a value from 200 to less than 2000, integer only for a value of 2000 or more)
Temperature *3 00.0℃ (3-digits)
Pressure *3 0000.0kPa (5-digits)
Output Contact output Open drain output: Unit pulse (forward flow)
Pulse unit: 100,1000,10000 (L/P or NL/P)
Telegram output RS485 Modbus/RTU
Connection method ISO7-1 Taper screw connection(JISB 0203, BS21, GB/T7306, 2-2000) equivalent ISO7005-1 (GB/T9119-2002 PN1.6MPa Flange) equivalent *4
Installation position Horizontal and vertical
Installation location Indoor and outdoor (protection level IP 64 or equivalent)
Case material Aluminum alloy Stainless alloy
The materials exposed to gases Aluminum alloy and engineering plastic Stainless alloy and engineering plastic
Mass 1.8kg 1.7kg 7.6kg 9.6kg 13.3kg 13.2kg 20.4kg 35.4kg

*1. The flow rate measurement range is ±5% RS: Inclusive before “∼” and not inclusive after “∼” and ±2% RS: Inclusive for both before and after “∼”.
*2. When the flow rate is less than 0.25% of the maximum flow rate, the instantaneous flow rate is indicated as 0 m³/h. For the normal conversion type, the low flow cut off value is the normal conversion flow rate corresponding to 0.05 m/s.
*3. Automatically switched in every 4 seconds.
*4. This flowmeter guarantees the flow measurement accuracy with the pipes listed in the table below.
(If you use pipes with the different pipe standard and size not listed in the table, the flowmeter may not satisfy the flow measurement accuracy. Consult us in advance if it is considered to use different pipes out of this range.)


Pipe standard G3459 JIS 10K EN10208
Nominal diameter(mm) 25 32 40 50 80 100 150 200
External diameter(mm) 34 42.7 48.3 57 88.9 108 159 219.1
Thickness(mm) 2.8 2.8 4 3.5 4.5 4 4.5 10


Shanghai Jinshan Gas  (Subsidiary of Shanghai Gas Group)


Shanghai Jinshan Gas


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Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Fuel Gas and Factory Air AS-WW Handling Manual


MODBUS RTU Communication Specifications AS-WW



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