• In the years that Inova Control have been selling SU meters, here are the testimony of our customers:

    ・The accuracy didn’t get worse over the years. ・Easy installation
    ・No meters have been returned nor received complaints in all Mexico
    ・The meters are installed in valve box, cruise valve, Industries and all cases they work successfully.
    ・Measuring low flow
    ・They can be installed in plastic pipeline.
    ・They are waterproof and are still working perfectly.
    ・There are places with heavy rains that flood valve boxes. Other brands and equipments had to be replaced under such conditions, but SU meter did not have to be replaced, but SU meter continued working under the water.
    ・More control and accuracy in measurement.
    ・Meters can be installed in any position, and the position does not affect their operation.
    ・Some customer used it as calibrating equipment.
    ・Long working time, the first one was installed in 2006 on OOAPAS in Morelia, Michoacan. Now it is 2015, but still working.